LibertyCity1983's Rune Factory: Oceans PlayStation Trophies

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Rune Factory Master
Earned all trophies.

Behind the Mask
See the true face of the man in the mask.

Achieve repeat victories in the colloseum.

Master Angler
Successfully land 2000 fish.

Master Crafter
Successfully craft 1500 items.

Giant Executioner
Defeat 30 giant monsters.

Island Savior
Raise all of the islands out of the sea.

Most Popular
Draw the good will of many residents in the village.

Native Giant Defeated
Defeat the Native Giant.

Consume 100 recovery drinks.

Plant Golem Repairman
Find out what's wrong with the Plant Golem and get it working again.

Professional Angler
Successfully land 1000 fish.

Professional Crafter
Successfully craft 800 items.

That Which Monsters Fear
Defeat 3000 monsters.

That Which Monsters Flee
Defeat 5000 monsters.

True Hero
Win a battle in the colloseum.

Catch a cold 100 times.

Successfully land a fish.

Successfully craft an item.

Earth Temple Cleared
With the help of Lili, lift the curse of stone from the Earth Temple.

Failed Chef
Fail at cooking one time.

Fire Temple Cleared
With the help of Odette, lift the curse of stone from the Fire Temple.

Giant Destroyer
Defeat 20 giant monsters.

Giant Slayer
Defeat 10 giant monsters.

Stay awake until you collapse at 5AM and have to be carried home.

Island Raiser
Use the Plant Golem to raise an island out of the sea.

Jump Master
Perform a double-jump 500 times.

Master Salvager
Successfully salvage 30 times.

Monster Destroyer
Defeat 500 monsters.

Monster Executioner
Defeat 1500 monsters.

Monster Slayer
Defeat 100 monsters.

Rock Hard Riddle
Get to the bottom of why Sprout Island turned to stone.

Successfully salvage 10 times.

Trophies 101
Listen to Marpudding's explanation about Trophies.

Veteran Angler
Successfully land 300 fish.

Veteran Crafter
Successfully craft 300 items.

Veteran Salvager
Successfully salvage 20 times.

Water Temple Cleared
With the help of Iris, lift the curse of stone from the Water Temple.