WSC Real 11: World Snooker Championship PlayStation Trophy List

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The Platinum One
Get all trophies

Let's see that one again...
View a replay with the Replay/Rewind feature

If at first…
Resume play from an earlier shot using the Replay/Rewind feature

Plain Sailing
Win a non-Qualifier Snooker Championship match without using the Replay/Rewind feature to retake a shot

Bad Habit
Use the Replay/Rewind feature 10 times

Win 10 online ranked matches

Win 50 online ranked matches

Hat Trick
Win 3 online ranked matches in a row

Underdog Win
Beat a higher ranked opponent in an online ranked match

Win an online ranked match without the opponent scoring

Score 100 Tournament Points in any online tournament

Score 500 Tournament Points in any online tournament

Score 1000 Tournament Points in any online tournament

Global Glory
Win an online tournament

Looking Good
Edit your character

Snappy Dresser
Collect all waistcoats

Spend 5 Skill Points

Winner: China Open
Win the China Open

World Champion
Win the World Championship

Winner: Grand Prix
Win the Grand Prix

Winner: Masters
Win the Masters

Winner: Pot Black
Win the Pot Black event

Winner: Shanghai Masters
Win the Shanghai Masters

Winner: UK Championship
Win the UK Championship

Winner: Welsh Open
Win the Welsh Open

Qualify for a Championship

Winner: 8 Ball Champ
Win the 8 Ball Pool Championship

Blacked out
Lose a frame by sinking the black

High Jump
Perform 3 Jump shots

Perform 3 Swerve shots

Combo King
Perform 3 Combo Shots

Pocket Prince
Pot 2 or more balls on any single shot in the 8 ball season mode

Ricochet Riot
Perform 3 Bank shots

Break Ace
Perform a Break Ace by potting the 9 ball from the break in any 9 ball match

Too Easy…
Clear the table from the break

Win all frames in a Golden Cue match

Golden Boy
Win the Golden Cue Championship

Cue King
Collect all Trophies

Simulation Stimulation
Win a Snooker Season match without either the Aiming Aid or Positional Aid active

Tentative Start
Earn a score of 10 in a single visit to the table

Earn a score of 100 in a single visit to the table

Earn a score of 147 in a single visit to the table without using the Rewind feature

Earn a score of 50 in a single visit to the table in a Snooker Season

Rocket Rout
Win a non-qualifier Snooker season match versus Ronnie O'Sullivan

Win a non-qualifier Snooker season match versus Steve Davies

Plant Pot
Successfully pot 1 ball using a plant in a snooker Season match

Achieve rank 1 in the World Rankings

Achieve rank 32 in the World Rankings

Achieve rank 16 in the World Rankings

Achieve rank 8 in the World Rankings