aivadios's Max Payne 3 PlayStation Trophies

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Platinum Trophy
Unlock All Max Payne 3 Trophies

Feel The Payne
Story Complete [MEDIUM]

Serious Payne
Story Complete [HARD]

Maximum Payne
Story Complete [OLD SCHOOL]

Payne In The Ass
Story Complete [HARDCORE]

Part I Complete
Complete Part I Of The Story

Part II Complete
Complete Part II Of The Story

Part III Complete
Complete Part III Of The Story

A New York Minute
Finish In A New York Minute

The Shadows Rushed Me
Unlock And Complete New York Minute Hardcore

Out The Window
Get 6 Kills While Diving Through The VIP Window [FREE AIM]

The One Eyed Man Is King
Cover Passos With Perfect Aim

Something Wicked This Way Comes
Get 7 Kills While Jumping From The Rickety Boat [FREE AIM]

That Old Familiar Feeling
Clear The Hallway Of Lasers

Amidst The Wreckage
Destroy All The Models In The Boardroom

So Much For Being Subtle
Get 9 Kills While Being Pulled By A Chain [FREE AIM]

The Only Choice Given
Get 8 Kills While Dangling From A Chain [FREE AIM]

Trouble Had Come To Me
Clear Everyone On The Bus Ride

Along For The Ride
Trigger A Bullet Cam On The Zipline [FREE AIM]

Sometimes You Get Lucky
Get A Headshot During The Rooftop Tremors

It Was Chaos And Luck
Get 6 Kills While Riding The Push Cart [FREE AIM]

The Road-Kill Behind Me
Total Everything On The Runway

You Push A Man Too Far
Don't Shoot The Dis-Armed Man

The Fear Of Losing It
Survive A Level Without Painkillers

It's Fear That Gives Men Wings
10 Bullet TimeĀ® Kills In A Row

You Might Hurt Someone With That
Shoot 10 Airborne Grenades

One Bullet At A Time
300 Headshots

You Play, You Pay, You Bastard
100 Kills With Melee

With Practiced Bravado
100 Kills During Shootdodge

Colder Than The Devil's Heart
Kill 30 Enemies In 2 Minutes

A Few Hundred Bullets Back
Use Every Weapon In The Game

Past The Point Of No Return
Take 100 Painkillers

An Echo Of The Past
Find All Clues

Sure Know How To Pick A Place
Discover All Tourist Locations

A License To Kill
Collect All Golden Guns

All Of The Above
Finish All Single Player Grinds

Full Monty
Complete One Of Each Game Mode Including All Gang Wars

Payne Bringer
Kill 100 Other Players

Max Payne Invitational
Invite someone to play through the in-game contact list

Man Of Many Weapons
Unlock All Weapons

Man Of Many Faces
Unlock All Faction Characters

Deathmatch Challenge
Winner In Any Public Deathmatch

Grave Robber
Looted A Body

The Gambler
Won A Wager

Flawless Team Gang Wars Victory

Training Complete
Achieve Level Rank 50

Dearest Of All My Friends
Kill Someone On Your Friends List

Air Ace
Get 2 kills in a single Shootdodge in the Departure Lounge

Express Checkout
Kill 4 players within 3 seconds in the Imperial Palace

Long Arm of the Law
Win 20 Vendettas in the 55th Battalion HQ

M4 Murder
Level up your M4 Assault all the way to level 10

Keep Your Nose Clean
Get 100 Kills as a member of the SPP

Old School Moves
Perform a 720 spin while prone in Nightclub

Early Adopter
In a single game, kill the same player with both the M24 and the IA2 AR

Get 3 kills from a single use of the level 3 explosives burst

60 Seconds of Intimidation
Grind 60 Seconds of Intimidation on enemy players

Long Arm of the Lawless
Kill Max Payne in Panama as the De Marcos

Bar Brawler
Kill someone with a melee strike in the Bar area of Hoboken Bar

Ouch My Head
Headshot someone with a Hangover

Welcome Ashore
Kill a player on the yacht from the observation platform of the Panama Canal

Drinker's Revenge
Kill the sniper who broke your Hip Flask in the same life

3 Blind Mice
Blind 3 players simultaneously with the pepper spray

Sweaty Betty
Trigger and avoid a Bouncing Betty by Shootdodging

Betty Confetti
Kill a player with the Bouncing Betty

Resisting Arrest
Stun 10 players with either the cattle prod or stun gun

Breaking And Entering
Open 15 Containers or Doors in Dead Men Walking

It Looked Easy Enough
Complete the Challenge Mode

Breaking The 4th
Earn a x4 multiplier in Challenge Mode