Zykre's Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel PlayStation Trophies

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Finale of Ar Ciel
All trophies unlocked.

Synthesis Newbie
Performed 10 new synthesis sessions.

The Mixer
Performed 30 new synthesis sessions.

The Alchemist
Performed 60 new synthesis sessions.

Phase 1 Beater
Beat phase 1.

Phase 2 Beater
Beat phase 2.

Saki Normal Ending
Saw Saki's normal ending.

Finnel Normal Ending
Saw Finnel's normal ending.

Tyria Normal Ending
Saw Tyria's normal ending.

Saki True Ending
Saw Saki's happy ending.

Finnel True Ending
Saw Finnel's happy ending.

Tyria True Ending
Saw Tyria's happy ending.

Cocona Ending
Saw Cocona's ending.

Bad Ending
Faced Saki's and Finnel's demise.

Saki's Friend
Unlocked 30% of Saki's CS.

Saki's Boyfriend?
Unlocked 60% of Saki's CS.

Saki's Groom
Unlocked 100% of Saki's CS.

Finnel's Buddy
Unlocked 30% of Finnel's CS.

Finnel's Hubby?
Unlocked 60% of Finnel's CS.

Finnel's True Master
Unlocked 100% of Finnel's CS.

Tyria's Fellow
Unlocked 30% of Tyria's CS.

Tyria's Beau
Unlocked 60% of Tyria's CS.

Tyria's Darling
Unlocked 100% of Tyria's CS.

The Aggressive Guy
Gained a victory in 100 battles!

The Bellicose Man
Gained a victory in 200 battles!

The Fighting Machine
Gained a victory in 300 battles!

The Peon
Fled 100 times.

The Ravager
Encounter Bar depleted 25 times.

"Nothing, Ma!"
Hit the Panic Button 100 times.

Save Obsession Syndrome
Saved 100 times.

Our Valued Customer
Played this game for 100 hours.

The Master of Unlocking
Dug through all treasure chests.

Free of the Rat Race
Money hit the maximum value.

Mrs. Reyvinson
Someone's DP hit the maximum.

Super Guru
Every character reached Level 99.

Return to Innocence
Took off 3 pieces of clothes at once.

Purge Carnival
Heroines Purged 3 times, and Vanguards stripped.

Saki Romantic Scene 1
Unlocked the event.

Good Mood With Finnel 1
Unlocked the event.

Saki Romantic Scene 2
Unlocked the event.

Good Mood With Finnel 2
Unlocked the event.

Uninstalling With Soma
Unlocked the event.

Lovey Dovey With Tyria
Unlocked the event.

Sarapatra's Wedding
Unlocked the event.

Hot Springs Encounter
Unlocked the event.

Reunion With Pupils
Unlocked the event.

Saki Will Do It!
Unlocked the event.

Unlocked the event.

Lost Heart
Unlocked the event.

A Daughter Is Born!?
Unlocked the event.

Big Sis Sakia
Unlocked the event.

Yurisica's Approach
Unlocked the event.

Chain And Finnel
Unlocked the event.

Soma VS Soma
Unlocked the event.

Unlocked the event.

Sing Out The Genesis!
Unlocked the event.

The Truth
Unlocked the event.

Unlocked the event.

Tyria's Fears
Unlocked the event.