hanzo1980's Puddle PlayStation Trophies

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Gold rush
Earn 48 gold medals.

Every drop matters
Finish a level with exactly the right amount of liquid.

Quack Quack
It's time for the crash test.

Total reaction
Finish all levels.

Eating is cheating
Don't trigger any nausea during the Slightly acid level.

Green peace
Push the second bulb inside the sundews without letting the particles fall inside.

Make yourself scarce
Take the shortcut in the level Wastewater.

Finish the Nova level by only turning in one direction.

Say "truck"
Make sure your fire engine remains undamaged.

Keep your glass ball intact in the Tahiti level.

The price to pay
Finish a level after at least 10 nitroglycerine explosions.

Don't drop any liquid from the tank in the 2011 vintage level.