Ragnorok_King's Transformers: Dark of the Moon PlayStation Trophies

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Unlock All Trophies.

Destroy all hidden TRANSFORMERS symbols in Campaign.

Complete the Campaign.

The Champion
Reach level 20 in any single class in Multiplayer.

Chapter I
Complete Chapter I on any difficulty.

Chapter II
Complete Chapter II on any difficulty.

Chapter III
Complete Chapter III on any difficulty.

Chapter IV
Complete Chapter IV on any difficulty.

Chapter V
Complete Chapter V on any difficulty.

Chapter VI
Complete Chapter VI on any difficulty.

Chapter VII
Complete Chapter VII on any difficulty.

Grenade Expert
Eliminate 20 opponents with the Flak Grenade in Campaign.

Road Kill
Destroy 30 enemies while in vehicle form in Campaign.

Top Score: Bumblebee
Complete Chapter I with a score of 1000000 or more.

Top Score: Ironhide
Complete Chapter II with a score of 1000000 or more.

Top Score: Megatron
Complete Chapter VI with a score of 2000000 or more.

Top Score: Mirage
Complete Chapter III with a score of 800000 or more.

Top Score: Soundwave
Complete Chapter IV with a score of 1000000 or more.

Autobots are Weak!
Defeat all 3 waves in Megatron's Lair without dying on Hard Difficulty in Chapter VI.

Body Count
While holding out for Reynolds to send backup in Chapter III, 30 Decepticons are killed.

Boot Stomper
Kill 3 Enemies with Bumblebee’s Kick Ability in Chapter I.

Counting Coup
Use only melee attacks on Shockwave's power core to make him retreat to his cryo platform.

Fleet of Foot
When one Driller arm is attacking, avoid all attacks in Chapter VII.

Furious Flyer
Fly through the canyons after Air Raid in 120 seconds in Chapter V.

Good Driver Discount
Avoid taking any damage from Starscream’s proximity mines in Chapter III.

Wipe out all secret base ground defenders within 60 seconds in Chapter V.

I know what I’m doing!
Change into vehicle form before reaching the change form tutorial in Chapter I.

Drain 5000 health from enemies in Chapter VI.

Power Surge
Use an active ability 5 times in a public multiplayer match.

Primed for Combat
Activate Optimus' Shoulder Rocket ability 5 times without dying in Chapter VII.

Survive 60 seconds in a public multiplayer match without being killed.

Rule With an Iron Fist
Kill 20 enemies with Ironhide's Melee attack in Chapter II.

Be the first one eliminated in a public multiplayer match.

Seek and Destroy
Kill 25 Enemies using Grenade Blossom in Chapter II.

Kill 10 Autobots with Laserbeak's ram ability in Chapter IV.

Stun 10 Autobots with Soundwave's stun ability in Chapter IV.

Surprise Package
In the air battle, activate Starscream's Guided Missile ability 5 times without dying in Chapter V.