Arly01's London 2012 PlayStation Trophies

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24 Carat Campaign
Earn the Gold medal in every event of a medium or hard Olympic Games mode campaign

Score ten or more on every target in a 5-shot round in Rapid Fire Pistol, while representing a nation

All Star Performance
Earn 9 Challenge Stars in a single Challenge Set

All-Around Athlete
Qualify for the finals of every event in an Olympic Games mode campaign

Awesome Foursome
Complete a Challenge Set with 4 players

Big Hitter
Perform 10 Power Shots in a Table Tennis match

Close Shave
Touch the bar in a High Jump and still clear it successfully

Competitive Spirit
Complete a multiplayer game, while representing a nation

Cracking the Clay
Hit every target at Station 4 in Skeet

Flipping Fantastic!
Earn a Gold medal in every Gymnastics event, while representing a nation

Foul Play
Perform 30 foul attempts in field events, over your career

Friendly Competition
Win an Events Mode session with four players competing

Game, Set and Match
Earn a Gold medal in every Versus event, while representing a nation

Glorious Results
Win a total of 5 Gold medals in Online Quick Matches or Online Custom Matches

Got Gold!
Earn a Gold medal in The Olympic Games mode

How's That?!
Hit the bullseye camera of the archery target, while representing a nation

Human Catapult
Earn a Gold medal in every Throwing event, while representing a nation

Kit Collector
Unlock all available sporting accessories

Leaping Legend
Earn a Gold medal in every Jumping event, while representing a nation

Marathon Man
Distance run over career is 42.195km

My Way
Create and play through a custom playlist

Never Touched the Sides
Complete the Men’s K1 Kayak Single course with no penalties at all, while representing a nation

No Splash
Receive a perfect ten from one of the Judges in Diving

No Weak Links
Complete a Challenge Event, where every player scores more than their share of the 3-star target score

Photo Finish
Win a Race by 0.07 seconds or less

Platinum Trophy
Earn all other trophies

Pushing Yourself
Beat your own personal best in every event possible, irrespective of gender

Quick and Painful
Touch the last hurdle and win a medal in 110m Hurdles

Play online and complete a Quick Match or Custom Match

Self Improvement
After using a Retry Token, get a better result than before, and finish in the top 3

Earn a Gold medal in every Shooting event, while representing a nation

Show Pony
When two or more players are introduced all together for a race, be the one who emotes first

Social Sports
Play an Online Tournament with one or more friends

Style Conscious
Wear an alternative national kit in an event

Successful Campaign
Earn 20 medals in a single Olympic Games Campaign

Super Fish
Earn a Gold medal in each of the 5 types of Swimming event

Superb serving
Perform 10 ace serves over your career

Take on the World
Win an Online Tournament

Team Player
Earn 3 Gold medals in team events

Team Spirit
Beat your personal best in Team Archery or Synchronised Diving

The Contender
Qualify for the finals of an event in The Olympic Games mode

The Running Man
Earn a Gold medal in each of the 4 types of Track events

Total Shutout
Win a Table Tennis or Beach Volleyball match without losing a point

Up to the Challenge
Complete all Challenge Sets for any controller type

World Champion
Beat a World Record