zbatman's Motionsports Adrenaline PlayStation Trophies

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Nothing Left to Prove
Unlock all Trophies

Midas Touch
Earn a gold medal in all relay, coop and single player modes in all events

Solid Gold
Earn a gold medal in every round in Adrenaline Party mode

The Completionist
Unlock everything in the game

Boarding Pass
Unlock all tracks in the game

Build to Last
Win 5 challenges

Hit 8 speed rings on the Kite Surf Moonlight Bay track in one run

Clean Slate
Complete all 3 Wingsuit tracks without hitting an obstacle

Competitive Streak
Own 5 challenges

It's Better on "Vine"yl
Spend a total of 1 minute swinging from vines in Mountain Climbing

Just in Time
Own a challenge in its final minutes

Post 10 challenges

Row your Boat
Row constantly for 30 seconds in the Kayak event

Silver Rush
Earn a silver medal in all relay, coop and single player modes in all events

Stuck With It
Win a challenge

Perform 10 Speed Boosts & win a two player Speed Freak Mountain Bike race

Adrenaline License
Complete your first race in any event

Climb up 10 handholds in 20 seconds in Mountain Climbing

Back in One Piece
Finish any Kayak track hitting no more than five rocks, banks or roll obstacles

Better the Devil you Know
Win a friend's challenge

Post a challenge

Frequent Flyer
Race on every track in every event

Friendly Competition
Own a friend's challenge

Use Adrenaline Power to protect yourself from falling rocks in Mountain Climbing

Helping Hand
Play every co-op and relay event

Hot Dog
Perform 3 tricks in a single Kite Surf race

Let's Have a Party
Team up with 3 friends to play Adrenaline Party mode

License To Spill
Nail your opponent with a weapon twice in the same Kite Surf race

Motion Sickness
Use Adrenaline Boost 4 times in any one race

Play 25 competitive two player events

Party's Over
Complete an Adrenaline Party

Poetry in Motion
Finish 1 relay race without missing a single hand-off

Rail to the Chief
Perform 3 tricks off of rails in a single Skiing track

Risky Bidness
Successfully take the inside lane for all turns on a Mountain Bike track

Play all game modes in one event

Trick Hop
Score over 50,000 points from tricks in a Mountain Bike track

Jump, trick & land perfectly on 5 ramps in a single Skiing track

Vidi Veni Vici
Own a challenge launched from the Challenge Hub

Wet Behind the Ears
Roll for a total of 500 meters in the Kayak event

What's Mine Is Mine
Take back a challenge that you posted

What's Next?
Earn a gold medal in all relay, coop and single player modes in one event

What's Yours is Mine...
Own a challenge

Use an Adrenaline Boost in a wind zone in the Wingsuit Event

Window Cleaner
Wave off 20 weapon attacks in the Wingsuit event