Backbreaker Vengeance PlayStation Trophy List

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Pole Position
Score highest on every wave of a single player Supremacy challenge

Born Winner
Complete all single player Supremacy challenges

Parting Waves
Complete all single player Tackle Alley challenges

Complete an entire single player Vengeance challenge without giving up a score

Tackle Master
Complete all single player Vengeance challenges

Cleaning Up
Collect 5 score patches in one wave in Tackle Alley

Collide 2 defenders into each other

It Begins
Complete a wave

Jack of all Trades
In Tackle Alley use jump, barge and slide on all of the appropriate tacklers in a wave.

Multiply and Conquer
Reach 10 combo multiplier in Tackle Alley

The Immortal
Complete a single player Tackle Alley challenge without losing a life

The Jester
Showboat down the field for 30 yards in one wave in Tackle Alley