Back to the Future - Episode 3: Citizen Brown PlayStation Trophy List

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Final Solution
Layout Biff and escape the speakeasy.

All Good Dogs Go To Utah
Got caught with Einstein.

Hope You're Insured
Use the DeLorean parts to enter Hill Valley.

Got caught with Lorraine's booze.

Into the Garbage Chute, McFly-boy
Jumped into the Decycling Bin.

Seven Minutes in Heaven
Got caught making out with Jennifer.

Hidden Treasure
Examine every container of contraband in the speakeasy.

Hill Valley Tourist
Listen to all tourist audio guides in Hill Valley.

Marty and the Pinheads
Use the spray can to paint Marty's band name in the alley.

One Bad Apple
Collect every Demerit in the game.

Ruin it for Everyone
Coax Edna out of the courthouse with the buzzer.