UZIAC's Back to the Future - Episode 4: Double Visions PlayStation Trophies

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To the Expo!
Marty and Emmett head to the Expo.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do
Broke up Emmett and Edna.

Free Citizen Brown!
Rescued Citizen Brown from the Citizen Plus Program.

Your Own Personal Frankenstein
Gave Emmett his Epiphany.

A Not-So-Beautiful Mind
Crafted a Mind Map of Emmett that Reveals him to be a "Degenerate Criminal."

An Uncomfortable Truth
Emmett Is Prophetically Honest About His Marriage Prospects.

Edna Was Right!
Revealed Hill Valley Hooliganism Rate

Let Them Eat, Um, Cake
Offered Algae Cakes to Everyone

Like a Not-So-Fine Wine
Messed with Emmett's Cleanser.

The Other Woman
Got Trixie Ready to Make Edna Jealous

The Power of Love?
Escaped from Marty's Cell.

There's a Moose?
Get a Good Look at Trixie's Postcard

Timely Traveller
Take the Fewest Possible Trips to Emmett's Lab