Isay_Isay's Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent PlayStation Trophies

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"Checking Out."
Overcame your fear of Scoggins' hidden people and stay on the case.

"The Cold Will Creep Right Up On Ya."
Talked to Scruffman after seeing the unseeable outside of the diner.

"Yeah, I'm into some stuff."
Helped Steve with his shipping problems.

Crossword Double Cross
Thwarted Sheriff Bahg.

Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity and Madness
Completed the case and saw into the maw of madness.

Hot Dish
Check into Valda's Inn

Hvor er Olav Welhavven?
Took a transdimensional space voyage.

Kicked the Habit
Completed the case without chewing a piece of gum.

Perfect Puzzle Agent
Agent, you never submitted a wrong answer.

The Professional
Closed the case with the rank of "Puzzle Agent."

Thorough Investigation
Complete every puzzle in Scoggins.

Your Tax Dollars at Work
Submitted a successful puzzle answer on the first try while in the field.