Acres23's Deadliest Warrior: Legends PlayStation Trophies

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Slash Mode
Kill 50 enemies in a row in Survival Slice Challenge as the primary player.

If anyone Khan, Genghis Khan!
Beat arcade mode with Genghis Khan using only the dead fish on Deadliest Difficulty.

Legendary Arsenal
Unlock all weapon and armor for each of the Legendary Warriors.

Legendary General
Activate all three General Abilities during a single game of Generals.

Six Degrees of Separation
Severed every limb from your opponent during a slice mode duel without using a final strike.

Dead and Broken
Break your opponent's arm and leg by grappling before final striking them in a ranked duel.

Parry your opponent three times in a row without being hit in a single ranked duel.

Legendary Warrior
Win 10 online ranked duels.

Get three consecutive headshots using any long range weapon in a single ranked duel.

These Dice are Loaded!
Lose three consecutive battles at even odds or better during a game of Generals.

When Push Comes to Shove
After being pushed knock an opponent out of the ring as the primary player.