OzPunx's Apples to Apples PlayStation Trophies

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An Apple a Day
Reach the Orchard Rank in Online Multiplayer by Playing 500 Games.

Be the second player to play the "Upset the Apple Cart" card in a single round.

Unlock all the Apple Avatars.

Falling Far from the Tree
Play the "Every Apple for Himself" card 5 times.

Rotten to the Core
Be targeted by the "Rotten Apple" card 10 times.

All Your Apples Are Belong to Us
Play the "Apple Tart" card 10 times.

Apple of My Eye
Win your first online game.

Apple Seeds
Complete the tutorial in Single Player.

Mad Apple
Lose 3 online games in a row.

No Apple for You
Play the "Yes, We Have No Apples" card 10 times.

Social Addict
Enable Social Integration for posting trophies.

Sour Apple
Play a Golden Apple Card for the first time.