qoinseita's Zack Zero PlayStation Trophies

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Finding all Nahirg treasures.

I feel the power
Reach Zack's suit level 20.

As if you owned the place
Completing the Nahirg's base level.

Use rock spikes to kill 50 enemies.

Frisbee player
Killing 100 enemies with the blade launcher.

Ice cream man
Use frozen air to freeze 50 enemies.

Nothing can stop me
Finish the game in any difficulty level.

Use the power of your rock punch to kill 50 enemies.

Space adventurer
Finishing the outside of the Nahirg’s planet level.

Spider killer
Finishing the cave level.

This is getting hot
Finishing the rock and lava cave level.

Kill 100 enemies using the flame thrower.

Treasure finder
Find 5 nahirg treasures.

Variety is the spice of life
Kill 50 enemies using each of Zack’s powers.

You can’t scare me
Killing a Nahirg general using only the blade launcher.