Bigjay1204's StarDrone Extreme PlayStation Trophies

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Got awarded with at least one medal on every level.

First blood!
Destroyed an enemy Creeper for the first time.

Vibemaster destroyer
Destroyed the Vibemaster boss.

Rocket Kill!
Destroyed any enemy with a rocket.

Turret destroyer
Destroyed a G-noid's turret.

Raging drone!
Wiped out 10 enemies in Comet Rush mode.

Passed 10 levels!
Passed 10 levels!

Passed 20 levels!
Passed 20 levels!

Passed 30 levels!
Passed 30 levels!

Passed 40 levels!
Passed 40 levels!

Game Finished!
Passed all game levels!

Lost in space..
Lost in space 3 times...

I got the powah!
Used every power-up: Berserk, Magnet and Invisibility.

Epic fail!
Failed to complete a level in 20 attempts.

New Hope
Let's rock!