Myles645's Hustle Kings PlayStation Trophies

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Hustle King!
Earn 100 million HKC hustling online.

Career Complete
Complete career mode.

Luck is an Art
Beat someone else who has this trophy.

Speed Freak
8-Ball clearance in under 45 seconds.

Online King
Win 100 online games.

Skill Player!
Pot a ball using each of the 4 different skill shots: jump shots, swerve shots, bank shots and plant shots.

Online Hustler
Hustle a player online.

Trick Shot Wizard
Complete all trick shots.

License to Hustle
Complete training mode.

Career Victory
Win a career mode game.

Skill Shot!
Swerve or Jump to pot a ball.

Maximum Break
Get a 147 maximum break in snooker.

Century Break
Make a break of 100 or more in snooker.

Snooker Champion
Win the snooker tournament.

Beat the Fish
Beat someone at snooker who already has this trophy.

Snooker King
Win 10 online snooker matches.

Snooker Loopy
Snooker your opponent 5 times in a single frame of snooker.