MaTiCz-HaZaRD's Wrecked: Revenge Revisited PlayStation Trophies

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Early Days!
Win a point in a multi-player battle

Elite Champion
Earn at least Bronze in all the Elite Challenges

First Steps
Beat a Supersonic Ghost

Flawless Victory
Win a multi-player battle by winning every point

Grease Monkey
Unlock all the car upgrades

I am the best!
Win a multi-player battle

I have no peers!
Download and beat a rivals time

No one can beat me!
Win 10 multi-player battles

Platinum Trophy
All other trophies have been collected

Silver Arrow
Earn at least Silver on all Challenges

Skill Chief
Earn at least Bronze in all the Skill Challenges

Speed King
Earn at least Bronze in all the Speed Challenges

Supreme Being
Earn Gold on all Challenges

Weapon Master
Earn at least Bronze in all the Weapon Challenges

Weapons Officer
Use every weapon in the game

World Tour
Win a multi-player battle on every course