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Symphony of Hell
Get all the trophies of The Cursed Crusade!

We Are the Champions, My Friend
Win the Tournament of Ecry.

A Templar Rides into a Forest...
Clear "Forest Roads" in any difficuty setting.

Slow and Steady
Clear "The Road to the Peninsula" without losing any of the soldiers pushing the ballista.

Make the Voices Stop
Clear "The Fall of Zara" in any difficulty setting.

A Change of Perspective
Clear "The Capitolium" in any difficulty setting.

Innocent Blood
Defend Constantinople's civilians!

Demon Slayer
Clear "Hagia Sophia Basilica" in any difficulty setting.

Perform a 50 hit combo.

End of the Chain
Perform a 100 hit combo.

Deflection Master
Deflect 30 attacks with the Deflection Counter!

Evasive Maneuvers
Dodge 30 Guard Breaks!

That Man's On Fire
Acquire the power Purifying Fire!

Roar of Flames
Acquire the power Roaring Flames!

Maelstrom of Fire
Acquire the power Fire Maelstrom!

Live by the Sword
Master the One-Handed Sword!

Hatchet Man
Master the One-Handed Axe!

Mace Effect
Master the One-Handed Mace!

Knight in Shining Armor
Master the Sword and Shield technique!

...And My Axe!
Master the Axe and Shield technique!

Classic Cleric
Master the Mace and Shield technique!

Master the Two-Handed Sword!

Master the Two-Handed Axe!

Saint Longinus
Master the Spear!

Greek Poetry in Motion
Master the Spear and Shield technique!

What's Better Than One Sword?
Master the Double Sword technique!

Axes of Evil
Master the Double Axe technique!

Blunt Trauma
Master the Double Mace technique!

Master the Sword and Axe technique!

Offense is the Best Defense
Master the Sword and Mace technique!

Unconventional Assault
Master the Axe and Mace technique!

Master of War
Master all the martial techniques!

Strong as a Spanish Cow
Enhance your character's Strength to its maximum!

Cursed and Loving It
Enhance your character's Templar's Curse to its maximum!

Weapons of Mass Purification
Enhance your character's Weapon Mastery to its maximum!

Playing the Tortuga
Enhance your character's Armor Mastery to its maximum!

Was That Supposed to Hurt?
Enhance your character's Constitution to its maximum!

One-Man Army
Enhance all of your character's statistics to their maximum!

The Cursed Crusader
Clear the game on any difficulty setting.

The Cursed Templar
Clear the game on the "Nightmare" difficulty setting.

Here's Your Trophy!
Find the ninth Blood Crucifix!

Cross the Crosses
Find all the Blood Crucifixes!

Gold Before Glory
Find all the coffers!