ShunGokuSatsu13's Resident Evil Code: Veronica X PlayStation Trophies

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A Changed Father
Liberate the changed man.

Battle Master
Get the Linear Launcher from Battle Game.

Beyond the Shades
Encounter a former S.T.A.R.S. captain.

Duty and Humanity
Deliver some medicine to a man in need.

From The Young Lady
Receive encouragement from a young lady.

The Arrogant Queen
Put an end to the Queen's reign.

The Fallen Tyrant
Flatten an unstoppable enemy.

The Green Giant
Say farewell to your fallen comrade.

The Prisoner Who Lost Everything
Defeat the nameless man and end his suffering.

The Terror Begins
Escape from the graveyard of terror.

To The Frozen Land
Begin the search for your sister.

Weapon Crazy
Get the Rocket Launcher.