Little Deviants PlayStation Trophy List

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Unlock all other trophies.

Devilish Deviant
Win a gold spaceship on all games.

Competent Deviant
Win at least a silver spaceship on all games.

All Moggers collected.

All gallery items unlocked.

Destroy 2,500 Botz.

Grave Digger
Destroy 500 Dead 'Uns.

Starry Eyed
Collect 5,000 Stars.

Find the Time
Collect 1,000 Clocks.

Bounce a Deviant 1,500 times.

Fun Deviant
Win at least a bronze spaceship on all games.

Dipped into Deviants
Win your first bronze spaceship.

Mmm, hardware
Use each of the PlayStation®Vita system's input devices that are featured in Little Deviants.

Taste of Victory
Win your first gold spaceship.

Collect your first Mogger.

Twisty Root Grove
Unlock Twisty Root Grove region.

Chillrock Gorge
Unlock Chillrock Gorge region.

Surfcrest Bay
Unlock Surfcrest Bay region.

Unlock Metroburg region.

Blackrust Refinery
Unlock Blackrust Refinery region.

Post a score to the online leaderboard.

Challenge a PlayStation®Network friend.

Honour Upheld
Defeat a challenge from a PlayStation®Network friend.

Long Way Roller
Roll 500,000m.

Air Miles And Miles
Fly 1,000,000m.

Full Controller
Complete Rolling Pastures with full health at the end of the game.

Kyle says, "Don't touch..."
Score over 35,000 points in Shack Shover without hitting a Whoman or a Deviant.

No-Electro Hero
Complete Corridor Caper without using any EMP pickups.

The Mighty Boost
Boost through all the rings in any single stage of Cloud Rush.

Day None Patch
Complete Hot Air Hero without patching the balloon once.

Dead 'Un Masher
Splat 6 or more Dead 'Uns with one shot in Rotten Rumble.

Bomb 'Em, Man
Destroy 2 or more Dead 'Uns with one fire attack in Corridor Calamity.

They mostly come at night, mostly
Play Rolling Horror between 00:00 and 01:00.

Stay on target!
Boost 5 times in a row without crashing in Death Speeder.

Destroy 10 Botz without missing a shot in a game of Botz Invasion.

Score at least 28,000 points in Chalet Shover without using any Clock pickups.

Blink and you'll miss it
Pick up the Star from the secret chamber in Risky Rambler.

Storm Chaser
Hit at least 10 different wind vortices in Depth Dive and still complete the game.

Smooth Mover
Complete Depth Charge without hitting any walls.

I didn't wipe
Complete Botz Blast without wiping any green goo from the screen.

Cave Brave
Collect at least 120 pickups in a single game of Risky Trails.

Star Barred
Complete Aqua Speeder without picking up more than 20 Stars.

Crate Breaker
Break open a crate in under half a second in Rolling Shores.

Jump Around
Jump on one platform 5 times in Bouncer Trouncer.

Just made it!
Finish Stage 4 of Depth Avenger with at least 10 seconds remaining.

Hold a note in Smashing Tune for at least 5 seconds.

Perfect 12
In City Shover hit all 12 Number-Botz in sequence.

Watch the Birdy
Collect 3 bird pickups in a single game of Tower of Boing.

A Head for Heights
Complete Stage 1 of Risky Inclination with at least 30 seconds remaining.

Deviant Storm
Boost over the finishing line in Street Speeder.

Stream Saver
Complete Neutron Nudger without any Botz damaging the energy sphere.

The right way is the wrong way
Complete Manic Melter by only twisting the platform clockwise.

Cold as Ice
Smash 5 frozen Botz or more in a game of Corridor Complications.

Heavy Metal
Destroy 20 Botz in Destructor Constructor.

Teacher's Pet
Input 3 consecutive codes correctly in Cannon Codes.