Turrican2006's Snipers: Invisible, Silent, Deadly PlayStation Trophies

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Badges of destiny
Gain all the trophies.

Gun running
Purchase all weapons.

Money walks
Purchase all equipment.

No one in sight…
Win a match on each map for each game mode.

Reach the highest rank (Commander)

Who dares challenge me?
Succeed at all the challenges from level 3.

A product that'll blow you away
Purchase all Booby traps equipment.

Able to work
Purchase all Abilities equipment.

Earning your stripes
Be promoted to Lieutenant I.

Grand Slam
Win a game in each game mode.

Never two without three
Succeed a Level III challenge

On familiar ground
Win a game on each map.

Pineapple express
Purchase all Projectiles equipment.

Scope dope
Purchase all Scope equipment.

Stunningly class
Succeed all Level I challenges.

A sense of sharing
Win a Team Deathmatch.

Finish the tutorial.

Arms in the air
First weapons purchase.

Catch me if you can...
Kill an enemy caught up in his grappling gear.

Contract signed
Win a Contract match.

Stab an enemy to death.

Kill multiple enemies with an explosive.

Win a Capture the Flag game.

Hot head
Kill an enemy and yourself with a grenade.

Keener than thou, stay away...
Stab an enemy in the back.

Mine sweeping underway
Destroy an enemy explosive.

No quarter
Win a Free For All game.

On the radar
First use of a Drone.

Out of it
Finish off an enemy who has been stunned by a stun grenade.

Piercing eyes
Kill an enemy through a wall.

Return to sender
Kill an enemy by sending his own grenade back to him.

First equipment purchase.

The One
Win a Last Team Standing game.

Trigger happy
Be promoted to Sergeant.

Very discretely
Kill an enemy with a silencer.

What a blast!
Kill an enemy with an explosive.

You've lost your head!
Kill an enemy with a headshot.