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Spider-Man™: Edge of Time Platinum
Unlock all trophies to earn this.

Super Trooper
Complete Act 1 on any difficulty level

Determined Do-gooder
Complete Act 2 on any difficulty level

Intrepid Adventurer
Complete Act 3 on any difficulty level

Fearless Front-Facer
Complete all chapters on Normal

Master Of All You Survey
Complete all chapters on Hard

Anti-Venom Vanquisher
Defeat Anti-Venom on any difficulty level

Fabulous Feline Fury
Defeat Black Cat on any difficulty level

Monster Master Maximus
Defeat Atrocity on any difficulty level

Boss Of Bosses
Defeat the CEO on any difficulty level

That's The Parker Luck, Chuck
Spider-Man is down and out

Dread Destiny Determiner
Foresee the death of Spider-Man

Bot Hotshot
Erase the Prototype Combat Robot from existence

Mighty Meltdown Misser
Stop the future from becoming a radioactive wasteland

Awesome Atomic Acquirer
Collect all three Atomic Fuses

Astounding Archives Achiever
Gain access to the Restricted Archives Computer

Restricted Room Rogue
Gain access to the Future Restricted Area

Complete Data Diviner
Analyze all Data Modules

Mighty Monster Master
Retrieve all three DNA Samples from the knocked-out Atrocity

Incinerator Rex!
Bring the Incinerator to Maximum Power

Larrupin' Locksmith
Teleport back to Alchemax with the Key

Jackpot, Tiger!
Save Mary Jane

Sizzling Century Mark
Defeat 100 enemies

Spider Slugger Supreme
Defeat 500 enemies

Gorgeous Gold Grabber
Web of Challenges - Obtain All Gold Medals for a Chapter

Mighty Medal Master
Web of Challenges - Obtain All Gold Medals for an Act

Consumate Completist
Web of Challenges - Obtain All Gold Medals

Ambitious Arachnid Acquirer
Obtain 1/4 of the Golden Spiders

Superb Spider Searcher
Obtain 1/2 of the Golden Spiders

Spider Snagger Supreme
Obtain all Golden Spiders

Alchemaxed Out!
Buy all Combat Upgrades

Gold Standard
Buy all Character Upgrades

Super-Suited Swinger
Obtain all Alternate Suits

Read All About It!
Obtain all Newspapers

Ghost With The Most
Avoid 100 Attacks with Accelerated Decoy

Daringly Determined Dodger
Evade 100 attacks with Hyper-Sense

Furious Fist Fighter
Execute a 50-hit combo

Hundred Hit Hero
Execute a 100-hit combo

Infinite Slugger
Execute a 200-hit combo

Fantastic Five Hundred
Collect 500 Orb Fragments

Excellent Emblem Enthusiast
Collect 1000 Orb Fragments

Collector Detector
Collect 2000 Orb Fragments

Survivor Supreme
Complete Session 3 or later without dying

Mighty Marvel Booster
Complete a Freefall section by boosting the entire time

Jack Of All Attacks
Perform 3 of each type of Grab Attack on enemies

Airborne Assailer
Perform 3 of each Air Attack on enemies

Hammer Slammer
Damage enemies with Roundhouse Spin and Web Hammer 10 times each