BigRon3400's BloodRayne: Betrayal PlayStation Trophies

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Pro Vamp
Finish every level with the ranking "Dhampir"

Kill 250 enemies with environmental hazards

Ms. Perfect
Complete any level while taking no damage

Collect all the ancient vampire skulls

Survived to Sunrise
Complete the game

8 Fingers, 8 Bits
Activate BloodRayne: Betrayal's alternate soundtrack

A Foot Face?
Find the hidden idol

Chain-explode 5 enemies

Coffin Kicker
Kick open the Coffin Rocket 20 times

That Funky Puncher
Defeat Crab Puncher without getting hit

The Last Bullet
Kill 5 enemies with a single gunshot

Walking on Air
Hop on 50 heads in a row without touching the ground