Zaraeleus's Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension PlayStation Trophies

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Lifetime Accomplishment Award
Collect every trophy in the game.

Figure Madman
Collect every Figure in the game.

Version 2.0
Install half of the upgrade chips in the game.

Collect all the mod chips in the game.

I'm A-levelin' Mah Gadgets!
Get each and every gadget up to the maximum level.

Collect every upgrade, effect, and mod chip in the game.

Weekend at the Arcade
Earn 2000 tickets in the course of the game.

Ticket Stockpiler
Have 500 tickets in your posession at once.

The Full Cast
Unlock every single playable character (Baljeet, Isabella, Pinky, Peter).

Let's Play Dress-Up
Unlock all characters and skins

Gelatin Freedom-Fighter
Beat all the gelatin dimension levels.

Up, Up and Away...
Complete all the balloon dimension levels.

That Old Timey Life
Complete all the old timey dimension levels.

Gnome Toppler
Complete all the gnome dimension levels.

Robot Rioter
Complete all the robot factory levels.

Evil Vanquisher
Beat all the levels in the game.

Gelatin Gold
Collect all of the gold tokens in the gelatin dimension.

Balloon Gold
Collect all of the gold tokens in the balloon dimension.

There's Gold in Them Thar Hills
Collect all of the gold tokens in the old timey dimension.

Fantasy Gold
Collect all of the gold tokens in the gnome dimension.

Robotic Gold
Collect all of the gold tokens in the robot factory.

Evil Doof's Gold
Collect all of the gold tokens assaulting Evil Doof's HQ.

Dimensional Gold Claim
Collect all of the gold tokens across all the dimensions.

First Gadget
Collect all the parts and construct your first gadget.

Rush to the Sewers
Get from the treehouse all the way into the sewers as quickly as possible.

Gelatin Revolution
Defeat the Gelatin Monster in under 180 seconds.

Just Bouncy
Climb up the gelatin mountain but never bounce more than once on the same bouncy pad.

Barging Through
Ride the entire balloon barge without falling once.

Agh, Bees!
Run through the bee path in under 38 seconds.

Old Timey Winds
Go across the windy canyon without falling down once.

Platform Walker
Stay on the moving platforms for at least 60 seconds. (Don't touch solid ground.)

What the Boulder's Cooking
Defeat 3 enemies with boulders.

Charging Goozim
Make the Goozim charge into all the gnome village wreckage.

Cruising through Crushers
Get through all the crushers without getting hit.

Cruiser Destroyer
Don't let any cruisers get away. (Shoot them all down.)

Quick and Timely Champion
Don't miss any button prompts during the giant robot fight.

Don't trip any turret shots by stepping on the laser sensors.

Commander Counselor
Defeat 3 Dooftron Commanders in the level. (The giant buildings.)

Laser Tracer
Avoid 4 quad-laser attacks in a row.

Grand Slam
Use only the Baseball Launcher to defeat the Doof-Robot.