ekouser's Battlefield 3 PlayStation Trophies

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Platinum Trophy
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Army of Two
Completed all co-op missions on Hard

Rank 45 achieved!

Received one of each ribbon in the game

Semper Fidelis
Completed the campaign story on Hard

1st Loser
2nd MVP in a ranked match

Bite your finger
Found the secret reptile

Complete Warrior
Got a kill with the following weapons in a single life: Assault Rifle, Jet, Tank

Deadly tools
Without dying, got a kill with a Carbine, Pistol and Rocket Launcher

Got 10 kills each with Tank destroyers and Mobile Artilleries

Destroyed the Gunship

It's better than nothing!
3rd MVP in a ranked match

Its no sidecar
ekouser earned this 6 years ago
Got a kill from the passenger position on a motorcycle

Like a Boss
Got a kill with the skid loader

Lock 'n' Load
Unlocked all unique co-op weapons

Most Valuable Player
MVP in a ranked match

Completed the campaign story

Pocket full of death
Without dying, got a kill with xbow, primary weapon, and hand grenade

Show of Force
Got 10 kills with all ten CQ weapons

Transport Pilot
Transported a flag carrier in an air vehicle in CTF

Completed all co-op missions

AAs revenge
ekouser earned this 6 years ago
Destroyed an air vehicle using the AA jeeps

Army of Darkness
Shot out the 4 lights with 4 bullets in Night Shift

Between a rock and a hard place
Beat Solomon, flawlessly, in The Great Destroyer

Saved the hostages without alerting any enemies in Drop 'em Like Liquid

Took down the jet in one attempt in Rock And A Hard Place

Capture The Flag
Captured one flag while playing CTF

Car Lover
Completed the mission without losing a humvee in Operation Exodus

Death from above
Got one kill with the Gunship

Won a round in Conquest Domination

Extreme Hoarder
Picked up 50 weapons in Scavenger mode

Completed Semper Fidelis

Grinding the Crack
Fell over the edge on Ziba Tower

Got 10 kills with each of the ten Back to Karkand weapons

Unlocked all xbow parts

Heavy Lifter
ekouser earned this 6 years ago
Killed an enemy after successfully paradropping a vehicle

Home made javelin
Destroyed an enemy vehicle using the xbow

In the nick of time
Disarmed the bomb in under 20 seconds in The Eleventh Hour

Infantry Efficiency
Received all 4 weapon efficiency ribbons

Involuntary Euthanasia
Killed the 2 soldiers before the building fell on them in Uprising

Took a swim in the Oman Hotel swimming pool

Took your first enemy Dog Tag

Man of Calibre
Completed a round of Gun Master

Reached the VIP without setting off the alarm in Exfiltration

No Escape
Captured Kaffarov

Not on my watch
Protected Chaffin from the soldiers in the street in Operation Swordbreaker

Got one kill with the Quad bike

Practice makes perfect
Headshot each of the targets in the gun range in Kaffarov

Push On
Reached the garage without going into man-down state in Hit and Run

Kicked the car and killed the soldiers in Uprising

Scrap Metal
Destroyed 6 enemy tanks before reaching the fort in Thunder Run

Shock Troop
Survived the quake

Won one round of Tank Superiority

Support Efficiency
Received all 4 support efficiency ribbons

The Professional
Completed the street chase in Comrades in under 2 minutes 30 seconds without dying

Third Tour
Got a kill with each of the following vehicles: the BTR-90, DPV and F-35.

This is the end
Failed to prevent the attack

Took down 2 enemies with 1 bullet in Night Shift

Completed the mission without using the fire extinguisher in Fire From The Sky

Vehicle Warfare
Received all 3 vehicle warfare ribbons

Wanted: Dead or Alive
Captured Al Bashir

What the hell *are* you?
Took a Russian Dog Tag in the forest ambush in Rock And A Hard Place

You can be my wingman anytime
Completed Going Hunting in a perfect run