Sam & Max - Beyond Time & Space: Episode 1 - Ice Station Santa PlayStation Trophy List

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Ice Station Santa
Help Sam & Max save Christmas!

A Sinful Dessert
Get the Christmas Spirits to take care of that pesky demon.

And Another One Bites...
Stop the Maimtron 9000 from destroying the building... and quoting every song you wish you'd forgotten.

The Power Of Christmas
Complete the Exorcism using the My Little Demon Playset on the unfortunately possessed.

A Range of Completely Worthless Decals
Earn all available DeSoto decals.

Did Someone Say Birthday?
Celebrate the Bug's birthday before his family arrives.

I'm A Contender!
Defeat Jimmy in the boxing ring and obtain the Horseman of War.

My Package!
Obtain the Horseman of Famine from Bosco.

Pimp Le Car Driving Challenge
Complete the "Pimp Le Car Driving Challenge" and obtain the Horseman of Death.

The Spirit of Christmas Future
Satisfy the Spirit of Christmas Future by saving your future selves in a dynamic act of foreshadowing.

The Spirit of Christmas Past
Satisfy the Spirit of Christmas Past by making amends to Jimmy.

The Spirit of Christmas Present
Satisfy the Spirit of Christmas Present by helping the bug and his family communication issues.

Trivia Manipulator
Win Stinky's trivia contest and obtain the Horseman of Pestilence.