Sam & Max - Beyond Time & Space: Episode 4 - Chariots of the Dogs PlayStation Trophy List

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Chariots of the Dogs
Complete Episode 4 - Chariots of the Dogs.

No More Birthdays
Get rid of all three Pedros from the ship.

No More Boscow
Get Bosco back to his normal paranoid human self.

Temporal Anomaly Corrected
Fix Bosco's temporal anomaly problem.

A Land Few Dare To Enter
Gain access to Bosco's secret room.

AI Interrogator
Choose every dialog choice with each AI personality.

Indefinite Birthday
Get rid of the middle-aged Pedro from his communications post.

Intelligence Crisis
Use each of the wrong personalities of AI in Bluster Blaster.

Of Death and Eggs
Answer and prove the two questions the older Pedro has.

Recording Artist
Get a recording contract for the youngest Pedro.

The Willard Libby Trophy
Use the Carbon Dater on every possible character.

You'll Need This
Provide an inventory item for use in Episode 5.