Schmittex's God of War: Chains of Olympus PlayStation Trophies

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Above and Beyond
Collect all of the trophies

Fare Thee Well
Kill Charon, the Ferryman

Swing Batter
Cause the Basilisk to retreat

Dead Beat Dad
Push away Calliope

Tree Hugger
Sacrifice powers

Hades Needs a New Wife
Kill Persephone

Atlas in Chains
Chain the Titan, Atlas

Back at Ya!
Finish parry puzzle

Merman's Delite
Acquire the Triton Lance

Morpheus Defeated
Push flaming cart to the top

Collateral Damage
Find ballista secret

Two Girls One Spartan
Entertain the Persian harem

Big Spender
Upgrade any weapon

Man Overboard
Defend the Shores of Attica

Kill the Basilisk

Persian History X
Kill the Persian King

Chain Gang
Break the Chains of Tartarus

Bow Down
Move the Titan, Hyperion

Almost There…
Running across the long chain

The Power Glove
Acquire Gauntlet of Zeus

All Beam Walks Completed
Finish all beam walks

Horsing Around
Awaken all three horses

Eye for an Eye
Collect all the Gorgon Eyes

For the Birds
Collect all the Phoenix Feathers

You Complete Me
Completely upgrade all weapons and magic

Hit Me Baby
Execute a 200-hit combo

Mutton for Punishment
Slit 50 Satyr throats

Parry 50 attacks

Break out of stone status 5 times in a row

Old Softie
Don't push away Calliope for one minute

Cool Story Bro.
Watch the movie "Atlas and Persephone" three times

Piece of Cake
Beat the Challenge of the Gods

Heavy Hitter
Execute a 1000-hit combo

Play the game with an unlocked costume

It's Over Already?
Beat the game

Getting Your Money's Worth
Beat the game (Hard Mode)