cchiatt1987's NASCAR Unleashed PlayStation Trophies

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In The Groove
Avoid walls and track barriers to score 2 perfect laps in one race

Earn gold trophies on all time trial tracks

That All You Got?
Complete the legend tier in championship mode

Score higher than 225,000 in a single race

Gotta Have ‘em All
Unlock all vehicle paint jobs

Lightning Reflexes
Drive in boost mode for 12 seconds or more in a race

So Close
Earn silver trophies on all time trial tracks

Time To Spare
Earn a gold trophy on any time trial track

2 Birds, 1 Stone
Make 2 Rivals at the same time

Beat The Clock!
Earn a trophy on any time trial track

Make 3 rivals in a single race

Didn’t See You There
Bump another car into a hazard

Drive By Healing
Boost through pit lane restore

Eat My Dust
Place 1st in any race against your friend

Friendly Rivalry
Wreck your friend making him/her a rival

Good Effort!
Finish a quick race season in any place but 1st

High Score
Score higher than 175,000 in a single race

Hot Shot
Place 1st in any race

I Meant To Do That
Drive over 15 oil slicks

It Still Counts!
Wreck your car across the finish line

Just a Scratch
Use pit lane to repair your vehicle 50 times

Just That Good
Finish 3 races without wrecking or using pit lane

Learning The Ropes
Complete the Rookie tier in championship mode

Light Touch
Score 125 slams

Look Mom!
Drive over 35 ramp jumps

Not On My Watch
Wreck a car in pit lane before the repair

Over Achiever
Complete 5 challenges in a single race

Piece Of Cake
Complete 10 challenges

Score a payback

Slingshot into 25 ramp jumps

Scenic Route
Drive over oil, dirt, sand, gravel, water, and grass

Perform a donut and go on to win the race

Drift around 75 turns

Showing Promise
Complete the Professional tier in championship mode

Perform 5 barrel rolls in mid-air

Customize any car with an unlocked paint job

Sun Was In My Eyes
Wreck your car 15 times

That’ll Learn Ya!
Score 10 paybacks

The Hard Way
Finish 5 races without using pit lane

The Real Deal
Place 1st in a quick race season

Make 5 rivals in a single race

Tough Guy
Make 75 rivals

Turbo Speed!
Complete 50 Slingshot boosts

Unnecessary Roughness
Score 250 slams

Watch Your Step
Bump another car into an oil slick

Well Played
Score higher than your friend in a quick race season

Place 1st on the Daytona Oval

World Traveler
Unlock all race tracks