Arie2929's Plants vs. Zombies PlayStation Trophies

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The Complete Zombie
You've won every trophy, climbed every mountain, defeated every zombie, planted every plant. Congratulations!

Home Lawn Security
Complete adventure mode

Master of Morticulture
Collect all 49 plants in the game

Smarty Branches
Grow the Tree of Wisdom to at least 100 feet

Crash of the Titan
Defeat your first Gargantuar

Don't Pea in the Pool
Complete a daytime pool level without using Pea-shooters of any kind.

Alive and Planting
Survive 40 waves of pure zombie ferocity

Soil Your Plants
Plant your first 10 peashooters

Roll Some Heads
Bowl over 5 zombies with a single Wall-nut.

Blast 10 zombies at once with a Cherry Bomb!

Close Shave
Survive the zombie onslaught after all lawnmowers have been used

Go trunk diving and spend at least $25,000 on Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies

Nom Nom Nom
Stop the horde using only the Sunflower, Wall-Nut, and Chomper on any level

Defeat a normal roof level without using any Catapult plants.

Discover the Yeti zombie.

Penny Pincher
Pick up 30 coins in a row on a single level without letting any disappear.

Sunny Days
Accumulate 8,000 sun during a single level.

Popcorn Party
Defeat 2 Gargantuars with Corn Cob missiles in a single level.

Good Morning
Complete a daytime level by planting only Mushrooms and Coffee Beans.

No Fungus Among Us
Complete a nighttime level without planting any Mushrooms.

Last Mown Standing
Defeat the last zombie in a level with a lawn mower.

20 Below Zero
Immobilize 20 full-sized zombies with a single Ice-shroom.

Flower Power
Keep 10 Twin Sunflowers alive in a single level.

Complete a level using only explosive plants to kill zombies.

Lawn Mower Man
Kill 10 zombies with a single lawn mower.

Chill Out
Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, you've one level to destroy 3 bobsleds, it's Jalapeno time!

Defcorn 5
Build 5 Cob Cannons in a single level.

Monster Mash
Crush 5 zombies with a single Squash.

Blind Faith
Complete an extremely foggy level without using Planterns or Blovers.

Pool's Closed
Complete a pool level without using water plants.

Melon-y Lane
Plant a Winter Melon on every lane.

Second Life
Complete Adventure mode a second time.

Lucky Spin
Get 3 of a kind in Slot Machine

Chilli Free
Complete Column Like You See'em without using Jalapenos

Collect all Zen Garden, Mushroom Garden and Aquarium Garden plants

Diamond Beghouler
Upgrade all your plants in Beghouled

Grow 10 Zen Garden plants to full size

Wall-Not Attack
Complete ZomBotany without using Wall-nuts, Tall-nuts or Pumpkins.

Beyond the Grave
Beat all 20 mini games

Shooting Star
Complete Seeing Stars before the first Flag Zombie appears

Sol Invictus
Complete Last Stand with 2,000 sun remaining

Sproing! Sproing!
Complete Pogo Party without using Tall-Nuts or Magnet-shrooms

Blow up a zombie using a Potato Mine.