ALI1120's Hyperdimension Neptune mk2 PlayStation Trophies

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Ultimate Neptune Mk2 Master
Acquired all trophies.

Beat Delphinus.

Ruling Ending
Watched the "Ruling" Ending.

True Ending
Watched the True Ending.

Counter Stop
All characters reached level 99.

Lastation Ending
Watched the "Lastation" Ending.

Leanbox Ending
Watched the "Leanbox" Ending.

Lowee Ending
Watched the "Lowee" Ending.

Makers Ending
Watched the "Makers" Ending.

Normal Ending
Watched the Normal Ending.

Planeptune Ending
Watched the "Planeptune" Ending.

5pb. chan
5bp chan joined your party.

Battle Master
Fought over 500 battles.

Blanc joined your party.

Brave the Hard
Beat Brave the Hard.

Candidates of Lastation Goddess
Encountered with Uni.

Candidates of Luwian Goddess
Encountered with Rom and Ram.

Chain original combo
Chained your original combo.

Chain the combo
Chained 80+ original combo.

Create Items
Created items.

Watched the event "Trapped Goddess"

Grave of the industry
Watched the event "Grave of the industry"

GUST chan
GUST chan joined your party.

Fought over 100 battles.

Hot Spring
Watched the event "Hot Spring"

Judge the Hard
Beat Judge the Hard.

Let's play games
Watched the event "Let's play games"

Live Stage
Watched the event "Live Stage"

Magic Sword
Obtained the Magic sword.

Magic the Hard
Beat Magic the Hard.

Maximum Power
Dealt maximum 100000+ damage.

Nepgear Start
Started the game.

Nepgear Version Up
Nepgear upgraded.

Neptune joined your party.

Nippon Ichi chan
Nippon Ichi chan joined your party.

Noire joined your party.

Watched the event "PeroPero"

Fought your first battle.

Release Planeptune
Released Planeputune.

Rescue the Goddess
Watched the event "Rescue the Goddess"

Rom and Ram Version Up
Rom and Ram upgraded

The fateful encounter
Watched the event "Encounter with Histoire"

Trapped Goddess
Watched the event "Trapped Goddess"

Trick the Hard
Beat Trick the Hard.

Uni Version Up
Uni upgraded

Encountered with Uranus.

Vert joined your party.