tw34kfr34ky's Ridge Racer Unbounded PlayStation Trophies

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Platinum Trophy
You’ve earned all Trophies

Best In The World
Win all 5 events in any 8 player City Domination match.

Race Master
Finish 1st in every Shatter Bay Domination Race.

Award Hogger
Receive 20 awards in one race.

Creative Destruction
Destroy 25 targets in one event.

Dealing with Rage Issues
Destroy all targets and frag 5 racers in one race.

Domination Incarnate
Dominate all districts in Shatter Bay.

Fragging Ball
Multiplayer. Frag 10 cars in one 8 player Domination Race.

Model Citizen
Finish in top three without causing any collateral damage.

Shattered Bay
Destroy one of every City Target in the game.

Time Lord
Get three domination stars in all Time Attack events.

Award Collector
Get all Race Awards.

Frag a total of 10 racers while airborne.

Boost Scrooge
Finish 1st in any 8 player multiplayer race without using boost.

Can’t Touch This
Finish 1st in 10 Domination Races without crashing or getting fragged.

Dominate 10 challenge events.

Finish 1st in 20 Domination Races.

City Creator
Publish a city with 5 events.

City Demolisher
Destroy 10 city targets in one race.

City-Wide Destruction
Destroy 100 City Targets.

Drift Master
Get three domination stars from all Shatter Bay Drift Attacks.

Drift to Win
Finish 1st with 2,000 m/yd of total Drifting in any 8 player Domination Race.

Fanboy's Revenge
Win an 8 player multiplayer race with the Crinale.

Flashing Fury
Frag a total of 200 police cars in Frag Attack events.

Frag Capacitor
Frag 10 racers in one race.

Frag Master
Get three domination stars from all Shatter Bay Frag Attacks.

Garage Hoarder
Unlock all cars.

Getting Creative
Create a track that uses Advanced Editor.

Complete the Shatter Bay career.

High Flyer
Get 10,000 m/yd of total Airtime.

Unlock the Nakamura Racer '70.

I Just Want to Sing!
Finish 1st in 20 Domination Races with 0 frags.

I Know You!
Frag same racer three times in one multiplayer race.

Frag a racer just before the finish line.

Learning The Ropes
Complete Domination Race tutorial.

Cause $10,000 worth of collateral damage in one race.

Mechanic's Nightmare
Get your own car destroyed 100 times.

My City
Publish a city.

Not Easy Being Mean
Frag 20 cars in one race.

Nothing but Wreck
Frag 200 racers in total.

Public Enemy
Cause $100,000 worth of collateral damage in total.

Pure Racing Blood
Finish 1st in any 8 player multiplayer race without fragging anyone.

Race Dominator
Finish 1st in 50 Domination Races.

Frag any racer a total of 10 times while drifting.

Super Drifter
Get 50,000 m/yd of total Drifting.

Tail Chaser
Get 35,000 m/yd of total Chasing.

Ultimate Dominator
Reach rank 30.

Finish 1st in 50 multiplayer races.

Unbounded Gang Member
Reach rank 10.

Finish 1st in 150 Domination Races.

World Domination
Dominate 50 challenge events.