Errod88's Pictionary PlayStation Trophies

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Platinum Trophy
Earn all of the other trophies to unlock the platinum trophy

I Meant to do That
Win an entire game without using the eraser or undo

Persistent Picturist
Play 50 games of Pictionary any mode

Win every All Play square within one play session

Win without letting the other team play

Play Family Fun with low Draw Timer, Difficult Clue Category, Tempus Fugit, Penalties, and Rivals Choose

Handy Man
Use every tool and color in one Draw Round

Mind Reader
Correctly guess the clue in record speed

Win a game using only one tool and one color

spend at least an hour on one Free Draw image

See no Evil
Play Family Fun with the No Peeking modifier and the Lights Out Draw Mode

Guess 10 clues with the No Peeking modifier

Go through each page of the tutorial

Guess 10 clues using nothing but the Finger Paint Tool

Cant Stop Wont Stop
Guess 10 clues in Conveyor Belt mode

Challenge Accepted
Guess 10 clues using mixed Draw Modes

Classic Completionist
Complete a full game of classic Pictionary

Clue Master
Create 20 Custom Clues

Come on Already
Change the clue type a lot within one round of play

Complete a full length 4 Team game without continuing

Easy Peasy
Play Family Fun with Junior Clues, bonuses on, penalties off, and Picturist Chooses

Figure Artist
Create 10 Pictionary Man drawings

Fun with the Family
Complete a full game of Family Fun Mode

Gallery Showing
Create 15 Free Draw images and view them in the slideshow

Guess What?
Guess 10 Custom Clues

Hands On
Guess 10 clues in Finger Painting mode

Just Add Water
Guess 10 clues using nothing but the Watercolor Tool

Mega Maniac
Land on 15 Mega Mania squares and correctly guess the clue

Mine, mine, mine!
Steal a clue from another team

Picasso's Understudy
Use every tool and color in one Free Draw session

Pictionary Maniac
Complete a full game of Pictionary Mania

Guess 10 clues in Dots Only mode

Prosperous Cheater
Cheat through the game quickly

Put me in Coach!
Use a customized Pictionary Man in a game

Quick hitter
Play Family Fun with 10 minute time limit, low Draw Timer, and Tempus Fugit

Play Family Fun with Ink Limit mode, Random selections, and All Clue Categories

Reverse Engineer
Guess 10 clues in Eraser Only mode

Guess 10 clues using nothing but the Shapes Tool

Sight Beyond Sight
Guess 10 clues in Lights Out mode

Slow Poke
Fail to guess a clue before time runs out

Switch Hitter
Guess 10 clues with the Off Hand modifier

Guess 10 clues in Tool Confusion

Topsy Turvy
Guess 10 clues in Which Way is Up mode

Guess 10 clues in Rotation Frustration

Waste Not Want Not
Guess 10 clues with the Ink Limit modifier