Hermosa-Lobo's Toki Tori PlayStation Trophies

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Bubble Barrage Hard
Complete all Bubble Barrage hard levels

Slimy Sewer Hard
Complete all Slimy Sewer hard levels

True Champion
Complete all normal levels without using the Wildcard

Bubble Barrage
Complete all Bubble Barrage normal levels

Creepy Castle
Complete all Creepy Castle normal levels

Creepy Castle Hard
Complete all Creepy Castle hard levels

Make Toki Tori dizzy

Forest Falls
Complete all Forest Falls normal levels

Forest Falls Hard
Complete all Forest Falls hard levels

Use 32 bridges to finish a level

Slimy Sewer
Complete all Slimy Sewer normal levels

Trap Toki Tori between two Switchbricks

The Answer
Use 42 InstantRocks™ to finish a level

Tunnel of Love
Find the Tunnel of Love