x-Riggs_TQ1's NCIS: The Game PlayStation Trophies

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Complete first chemical analysis

Abigail Sciuto FTW
Complete first fingerprint comparison

Atlantic City
Complete first crime scene

Bank Heist
Complete third crime scene

BBQ'd Apartment
Complete fourth crime scene

Cooking up some awesome
Complete first footprint comparison

Dirty Harry
Complete second crime scene

Five Star Accommodations
Complete seventh crime scene

Front Lines
Complete fifth crime scene

Hey, I'm a hacker.
Complete first database search

Justice has been served.
Unlock All Trophies

Like shooting fish in a pond
Complete first safe cracking

Complete first satellite tracking

NCIS 1, Terrorists 0
Save the world from terrorists

NCIS Agent
Complete Episode 3

NCIS Investigator
Complete Episode 2

Nice goin' Abs.
Complete first fingerprint lifting

Probie Wan Kenobie
Complete Episode 1

Rule #1
Complete first co-op activity

Rule #3
Complete first interrogation

Rule #38
Complete first deduction

Rule #39
Complete first ballistics test

Rule #8
Complete first interview

Torture Chamber
Complete sixth crime scene

Very Special Agent
Complete Episode 4

Waddaya got for me, Duck
Complete first autopsy

You know I'm awesome
Collect first piece of evidence