MidgardDragon's Smart As PlayStation Trophies

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Intelligent Being
Collect all Trophies

Bright Spark
Play Smart As on 25 different dates

Heavy Brain
Play Smart As on 50 different dates

Perfect Attendance
Play Smart As on 100 different dates

1st Day At School
Complete your first session of Daily Training

Home Work
Complete 10 sessions of Daily Training

Star Pupil
Complete 20 sessions of Daily Training

Complete 30 sessions of Daily Training

Marked Improvement
Increase your Brain Power score

Logical Progression
Play a Logic Free Play Game

You Do The Math
Play an Arithmetic Free Play Game

First Word
Play a Language Free Play Game

I See What You Did There
Play an Observation Free Play Game

Logical Conclusion
Play all Logic Games

All Adds Up
Play all Arithmetic Games

The Final Word
Play all Language Games

Perfect Vision
Play all Observation Games

Stroke of Genius
Finish a game at Genius difficulty

Absolute Genius
Finish all Free Play Games at Genius difficulty

Play all games in a single day

Just Testing
Earn 3 stars in a game at Easy difficulty

Mind Game
Earn 3 stars in a game at Medium difficulty

Brain Surgery
Earn 3 stars in a game at Hard difficulty

Rocket Science
Earn 3 stars in a game at Genius difficulty

Smart Move
Complete a Street Smart Challenge

Day Tripper
Earn a total of 10 stars in Street Smart

Earn a total of 20 stars in Street Smart

Earn a total of 50 stars in Street Smart

Globe Trotter
Earn a total of 100 stars in Street Smart