JCHSkins's Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles PlayStation Trophies

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Archive Collector
Collect all archives.

Big Guy Wants to Play
Turn the tables on the Pursuer.

Farewell to a Friend
Put a friend out of their misery.

Love Those Weapons
Find the treasure trove of weapons.

Man in 'Cuffs
Meet a man in handcuffs.

Master of Destruction
Get the all powerful weapon.

Taking One for the Team
Witness a comrade's sacrifice.

The Final Curtain
Put an end to the secret organization.

The Fruits of Ambition
Draw the curtain on Sergei's ambition.

Thirsty For Blood
Defeat the blood thirsty monster.

Tyrant Disposal
Take out the all powerful Tyrant.

Zombie Smack Down!
Clear the special stage.