PRINCE_AZRAK's Yakuza: Dead Souls PlayStation Trophies

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Platinum Trophy
Earn all other trophies in the game.

Part I Complete
Complete the four chapters of Part I.

Part II Complete
Complete the four chapters of Part II.

Part III Complete
Complete the four chapters of Part III.

Part IV Complete
Complete the four chapters of Part IV.

Thanks for Playing!
Complete the Final Chapter.

The True Ending
Complete Extra Hard Mode.

Savior of Kamurocho
Complete Dead Souls Mode.

Amon's Vanquisher
Defeat Amon.

Unsurpassed Power
Reach the maximum character level.

Underground Kings
Clear 50 floors in the Endless Subterranea.

Akiyama Trophy
Land 100 head shots with Akiyama.

Majima Trophy
Defeat 100 enemies using Heat Sniping with Majima.

Goda Trophy
Destroy 100 wield-able objects with Goda.

Kiryu Trophy
Defeat 100 mutant variants with Kiryu.

Zombie Hunter
Defeat 100 zombies.

Zombie Collector
Defeat each type of mutant variant.

Collect 100 items in battle.

Defeat 10 zombies using wield-able objects.

Road Rage
Run over 10 zombies with a forklift or bulldozer.

Nice Try
Shoot down an enemy projectile with a Heat Snipe.

Steamed Vegetable
Kill a Hermit with fire while it is still armored.

Oh, the Humanity!
Successfully Heat Snipe a gas tanker.

Golden Brown
Defeat 50 zombies with fire.

My Eyes!
Daze 50 zombies with stun grenades.

Heavily Armed Bank
Amass over 10 million yen.

Substory 4
Finish 4 substories.

Substory 20
Finish 20 substories.

Substory 40
Finish 40 substories.

Kamurocho Spelunker
Initiate the Kamurocho Subterranea mission.

Start of Something Good
Befriend your first Perfect Partner character.

Social Butterfly
Have all 14 partner characters available.

Mission Complete!
Clear a directive from Hasegawa.

Hasegawa's Right Hand
Cumulative point total from Hasegawa's directives hit 5,000.

Vigilante Gourmet
Order from every restaurant at least once.

Getting Some Action
Fight zombies together with a hostess.

My First Mod
Mod one weapon or piece of armor.

A Weapon Freak is Born
Create at least one weapon from each category.

Official Sponsor
Fully upgrade Kamiyama's truck.

All Units, Report!
Train at Gary's Boot Camp with all four protagonists.

Life of the Party
Play every song at karaoke.

Lounge Lizard
Play darts and pool five times each.

Go golfing and fishing once each.

Indoor Sportsman
Go batting, bowling, and play table tennis three times each.

Pro Gambler
Play each Japanese gambling game once.

Casino Master
Play each casino game once.

Welcome to SEGA
Play each game in Club SEGA.

Pachinko Wizard
Obtain the “trophy” prize at the Volcano Prize Exchange counter.

Win at mahjong and shogi once each.