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Sherlock Holmes’ will
Strength and perseverance to the end

An isolated phenomenon? A brain without a heart? I trust that you did not judge me so quickly!

Your nerves are fairly proof!

The beautiful, faithful nature of dogs!

The Brain
I never get your limits... there are unexplored possibilities about you.

The Legacy
I must compliment you exceedingly upon the zeal and the intelligence which you have shown.

A Fine Romance
The most winning woman I ever knew was hanged for poisoning. But I digress. You found the letter!

Attention to Detail
You have a turn for both observation and deduction!

Bomb Defuser
You never can resist a touch of the dramatic!

Breaking the Law
I have a great deal of respect for your judgement. You opened the safe room!

It seems you share my love of all that is bizarre. You recovered the Samoan necklace, well done!

Finders Key-pers
You handled that with less than your usual – that is to say, you handled it well. You found the key!

Law of Nature
One's ideas must be as broad as Nature if they are to interpret Nature. Well done!

Master of Deduction
Genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains. Bravo!

You are a conductor of light! You discovered the hidden code.

Number Lover
With all respect for your natural acumen, you handled that very well. You opened the safe box!

Stage Manager
A simple trick, but exceedingly effective!

The Holmesian
I was sure that I might rely on you. You found all the items from my past adventures.

A Very Fine Loafer
There are in you the makings of a very fine loafer.

Anarchy in the UK
There are always some lunatics about. It would be a dull world without them.

Your morals don't improve!

Deduction Apprentice
To a great mind, nothing is little. You completed the first deduction board.

Desperately Seeking Sherlock
I would have made an actor – and a rare one. You deduced my disguise.

First-Class Chemist
It was the bisulphate of baryta!

Freedom of the Press
The Press is a most valuable institution – if you only know how to use it!

Garden Gumshoe
With your usual happy mixture of cunning and audacity, you recovered all that was stolen!

Hidden Message
See the value of imagination!

I can see that you are a force to be reckoned with.

Moonshine is a brighter thing than fog, but this is a pea-souper! You asked for Help a great deal.

Prison Break
A trusty comrade is always of use. Well done. And yet one got away...

You would make a highly efficient criminal.

The Gambler
You have never failed to play the game!

Watson Alone
The one fixed point in a changing age.