The Ultimate Battle of the Sexes: Quiz & Play! PlayStation Trophy List

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Socially Accepted
Win all the Trophies.

Get lucky or get serious and get 301 points with nine throws in "Darts 301".

Just win "Bar Crawl", "Parking" and "Peeing" with a female character.

Expert Quizzer
Think hard and get more than 50% of the questions right in a long single-player "Quiz".

Just win "Manicure", "Catwalk" and "Dancing" with a male character.

200 from 5
Rack up 200 points in a single game of "Darts".

Brazilian Blood
Keep goal like a brick wall and turn in a perfect result in "Penalty".

Burger Master
Throw a "Barbecue" and grill up 10 perfect burgers.

Choppin' Duet
Saw through a trunk completely in 70 seconds or less in "Lumberjack".

Dancing Queens
Tear up the dance floor and turn in a perfect double performance in "Dancing".

Paste up 10 pieces of wallpaper in a single round of "Wallpaper Decorating".

Intermediate Quizzer
Think hard and get more than 50% of the questions right in an intermediate single-player "Quiz".

Manic Mechanics
If "Changing Tires" only takes you 50 seconds, you're a master of the monkey wrench.

Master of the Glasses
Quench your thirst with by drinking 25 glasses during a single "Bar Crawl".

Reach the finish in "Orientation" in 70 seconds.

Smooth As Silk
Shave your leg silky smooth in 35 seconds or less in "Shaving".

Ready, aim, fire: pee your way to at least 1300 points in "Peeing".

Strong Nerves
If you can truly do it all, then you can score at least 1200 points in "Multitasking".

Trash Collector
Drop at least 6 damaged items into an opponent's basket during a "Bargain Hunt".

Without A Scratch
Park your car without so much as scratching the paint in 12 seconds or less.

Swing that hammer of yours and ring the bell, once, twice, three times in a game of "High Striker".

Cleaning Obsession
Wipe the floor with the competition and tally up at least 800 points in "Wiping the Floor".

Bug out and score at least 1500 points in "Exterminator".

Furious Hands
Get all the good deals - grab at least 25 correct items and no wrong ones in a round of "Summer Sale".

Show off your "Suitcase Packing" skills and pack at least 25 correct items and no wrong ones.

Strut your stuff on the "Catwalk" 5 times - and make sure you're perfect every time.

Novice Quizzer
Think hard and get more than 50% of the questions right in a short single-player "Quiz".

Nursery Pro
Rock the "Baby's Cradle" and rack up at least 1800 points.

Paint Job
Finish your "Manicure" in just three turns by finding all the right colours.

Dial your dream date 4 times or more in a game of "Memorization".

Staying Strong
Dry your eyes, don't get caught crying and score at least 500 points in "Movie Theater".