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Your Majesty
Complete all trophies

Bad to the Bone
Complete Story mode on King difficulty

I Got Options
Earn all unlockables in Battle Mode

Shut the Front Door!
Free a total of 2,500 enemies in your lifetime

Pick up 500 gold coins in Story Mode

Collect all of the Story Scrolls

Invade Your Space
Free 100 enemies within a single Invasion Mode match

Lactose Intolerant
Complete a chapter on the Champion difficulty or higher without drinking any milk (excluding Flash Forward, Edmund's Training and A Change of Plans)

None Shall Pass!
Successfully defend 15 waves in a single Royal Guard match

Not In My House
Destroy all Morgrimm Machines in Story Mode

Royal Family Jewels
Collect all of the Royal Treasures

Social Gamer
Play 50 multiplayer games

A Little Campy
Complete the chapter Over the Wall

A Night on the Town
Complete the chapter Rooftops

Bone Crusher
Complete a chapter without taking any damage (excluding Flash Forward, Edmund's Training and A Change of Plans)

Bone Head
Get 250 Headshots with the bow and arrow

Defeat the Chef Boss without using your sword or bow and arrow

Boom Goes the Dynamite
Throw 75 sticks of dynamite

Drink 50 bottles of milk

Calibration Domination
Complete the 3 point controller calibration in under 3 seconds

Catapult to Victory
Defeat Peter the Giant in under 5 minutes and 30 seconds

Complete the chapter Guiding Light

Chaos In Your Cauldron
Grapple pull 50 cauldrons in Cauldron Chaos mode

Clocking Out
Complete the chapter A Massive Task

Deadmund Jones
Avoid taking damage during the boulder dash portion of Boulder Dash

Deadmund vs Goliath
During Escape! defeat an ogre using only rocks

Forging Through
Complete the chapter The Hammer and the Nail

Funny Bones
Free 100 critters... for fun!

Get Your Move On
Complete the chapter Edmund's Training

Go Forge Yourself!
Defeat Foreman without taking any damage

Got Your Bling On
Free 15 enemies in a single Amulet power up use

Hot Sauce
In A Cool Dry Place free skeletons by yanking the hot bowl of soup onto them

I Collect Things
Get at least one of every type of pick up

I Got Range
Defeat Morgrimm only using the bow and arrow

It Takes More Than a Waggle
Successfully use the bow and arrow, throwing star, the sword and shield against a single non boss enemy

Master Chef
Complete the chapter The Crepes of Wrath

Moving Along
Complete the chapter The Arena

Moving Up and Down Again
Complete the chapter Passing Time

Outhouse Of Pain
Yank down the outhouse in the Siege Camp

Roland with the Homies
Defeat Roland without getting knocked back

Shut Your Trap
In Turning of the Gears free an enemy by closing the trap door on them

Skeletal Flava!
Use every character in a Battle Mode

Smooth Moves
Win a multiplayer match in every game mode

Triumphant Return
Complete the chapter One Small But Determined Warrior

Vitamin Awesome
Make it through the arena section of The Arena without drinking any milk

You Broke the Game
Break 500 objects