Zykre's Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 PlayStation Trophies

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Neptunia Master System mk2
It's in your blood...a new strain of Neptunia!

Nepgear: Engage!
Started up a new game in Gamindustri.

Gamindustri Graveyard
View a certain CG Image.

CPUs, Bound and Gagged
View a certain CG Image.

HDD Force Start
View a certain CG Image.

View a certain CG Image.

The Big CPU Gig
View a certain CG Image.

Histoire's Nostalgia
View a certain CG Image.

CPUs, Unbound and Free
View a certain CG Image.

Obligatory Hot Spring Event
View a certain CG Image.

LAN Party!
View a certain CG Image.

C-C-C-Combo Attack
Created your own combo.

It Ain't Alchemy
Developed an item.

Lowee's CPU Candidates
Met Rom and Ram.

Nep-Nep's Back
Neptune joined the party.

Vert's Return
Vert joined the party.

Noire's Revenge
Noire joined the party.

Blanc's Vengeance
Blanc joined the party.

Gamindustri's Heroine
Nisa joined the party.

Gamindustri's Alchemist
Gust joined the party.

Gamindustri's Pop Idol
5pb. joined the party.

Nepgear mk2
Nepgear's abilities enhanced.

Uni mk2
Uni's abilities enhanced.

Rom mk2 and Ram mk2
Rom's and Ram's abilities enhanced.

CFW Judge, Judged
Defeated CFW Judge.

CFW Brave, Humbled
Defeated CFW Brave.

CFW Trick, Tricked
Defeated CFW Trick.

CFW Magic, Poofed
Defeated CFW Magic.

Planeptune Rescue
Regained Planeptune after its capture.

Met with Caelus.

The CPU's Curse
Obtained the cursed sword of legend.

IF's Rehab Clinic
Performed battle for the first time in years.

Evil's Nemesis
Fought 100 battles.

Battle Master
Fought 500 battles.

Combo Champion
Achieved an 80-hit original combo.

Take Off, Every CPU!
Dealt over 100,000 damage.

Freshly Grinded Girls
Everyone reached level 99.

Normal Ending
Saw the normal ending.

Human Ending
Saw the human ending.

Planeptune Forever
Saw the Planeptune ending.

Leanbox Lover
Saw the Leanbox ending.

Lastation Training
Saw the Lastation ending.

Lowee's Readership
Saw the Lowee ending.

Delphinus Wrecked
Defeated the secret boss, Delphinus.

The Blood of Many...
Finished the Conquest ending route.

Happily Ever After
Viewed the True ending.