Crazy-Jack_74's Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition PlayStation Trophies

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Every Challenge completed!

Around The World
Every game mode played!

Greasy Joystick
Obtained a Classic Frogger score of over 100,000!

Highway Crossing Frog
Completed all 5 difficulty levels of Classic Frogger!

The Devoted Artist!
All the Paint patterns completed!

Frogger In Love
Rescued a Lady Frog in Classic!

Go! Frog! Go!
Fly power up used only against CPU!

Got a Frog Home in Classic Frogger!

Rumble in the Pond!
Won a single player Battle Royale!

Tongue Tiled!
Won a single player Tile Capture match!

Twin Frogs
Got a Twin Frog pair Home!

Twin Stick
Used both Hyper and Retro controls for Classic!