bnecker717's Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition PlayStation Trophies

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Greasy Joystick
Obtained a Classic Frogger score of over 100,000!

Around The World
Every game mode played!

Tongue Tiled!
Won a single player Tile Capture match!

Twin Stick
Used both Hyper and Retro controls for Classic!

Go! Frog! Go!
Fly power up used only against CPU!

The Devoted Artist!
All the Paint patterns completed!

Got a Frog Home in Classic Frogger!

Highway Crossing Frog
Completed all 5 difficulty levels of Classic Frogger!

Frogger In Love
Rescued a Lady Frog in Classic!

Every Challenge completed!

Twin Frogs
Got a Twin Frog pair Home!

Rumble in the Pond!
Won a single player Battle Royale!