Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit PlayStation Trophy List

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Armed and dangerous!
Get the missiles from the shop! "Now's the time to strike back!"

Win the $10,000 jackpot on the slot machines. "You won the Grand Prize!"

Weapon Collector
Collect 8 weapons! "You got a full armoury!"

Fashion victim!
Have at least 10 face customisations. "Wow! All these fancy things!"

Pimp that wheel!
Get at least 5 wheel customisations. "You can ride for hours!"

Island master!
Open a gift sent from the Island "When you're the Boss, you have 365 birthdays."

Not a chicken!
Clear 10 secondary missions. "You mission freak!"

Quick rabbit!
Die less than 5 seconds after a respawn. "Ooooh! Poor thing! Want a cookie?"

Bug tracker!
Kill 500 bugs in the game! "Thanks for your help!"

Groundhog day lover!
Die and retry more than 100 times. "You did it on purpose?"

Superior Completion Skillz!
Finish the game! "Congratulations! Thanks for your hard work!"

Good Santa!
Find a secret gift. "You are gifted, sir!"