Smithy_Reborn_86's Jurassic Park: The Cavalry PlayStation Trophies

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Boots On the Ground
Land outside the Visitor's Center.

Just Calling my Boyfriend...
Contact the rescuers.

That Way...
Find the kidnapper's trail.

Rough Riders
Take a ride on the Bone Breaker.

I Herd That
Free the Parasaurolophus.

Get It Off Me!
Withstand the surprise attack with no blunders.

Bone Shaker
Survive the Bone Shaker with no mistakes.

What Are They Doing Here?
Escape to the water tower with no slipups.

For Medicinal Purposes
Help Nima treat her wound.

Dropping Eaves
Overhear all of Dr. Sorkin's conversation with Gerry.

You Must Be This Tall to Ride
Find the Mr. DNA sign.

Jurassic Park: The Cavalry
Complete Jurassic Park: The Cavalry