NightRaven77's Jurassic Park: The Survivors PlayStation Trophies

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Clever Girl
Fight Yoder with no slipups.

Finding Nima
Learn all there is to learn about Nima's past.

If Dinosaur, Den Flee
Escape the den, flawlessly.

Jurassic Park: The Survivors
Complete Jurassic Park: The Survivors

Mosey on Outta There
Survive Dr. Sorkin's attempt to free the Mosasaur, perfectly.

Zero Blind Mice
Use three flares while finding the tunnel exit.

All Together Now
Reunite the group.

Choose to save the can when racing for the docks.

Do-you-think-he-saurus Rex
Choose to save Jess when racing for the docks.

I Know How to Read a Schematic
Get out of the tunnels.

Life's a Beach
Arrive at the beach.

Escape the Troodon den.

Yoder? More Like ExpLODEr!
Talk Yoder out of his killing rage.

You Can't Container
Make no mistakes when fleeing the T.rex at the docks.