magmar126's Treasures of Montezuma Blitz PlayStation Trophies

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Armed to Teeth
Get all bonuses, totems and slots upgraded to maximum level.

Artful Master
Reach 10x points multiplier.

Bad Luck
Earn no Crystals during the round.

Dark Lord
Activate Dark Mode 10 times.

Spend 100 hours playing.

Destroy 100000 tokens.

Expert Matchmaker
Make a match worth 10000 points.

Fortunate Son
Win 250000 Crystals in daily bonus minigame.

Good Start
Earn enough experience to level up.

Nuclear Blast
Destroy every token present on game board.

Precious Rain
Get 25 Crystals from one combo.

Use Score Frenzy 100 times.

Score 1000000 point during one round.