YuayHK's Men in Black: Alien Crisis PlayStation Trophies

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MIB Veteran
Unlock all trophies in game

High Standards
Defeat Nethera and save Catyana

HOT Streak
Defeat 900 enemies

Save the Universe
Complete all the missions in Story Mode

Senior Agent
Complete Story Mode as an Elite Agent

The Gatherer
Gather 50 upgrade points

350 Enemies - Tribarrel
Defeat 350 enemies with the Tribarrel

Assert Fail
Defeat Khnemu in Story Mode

Demolition Expert
Defeat 20 enemies with the Rocket Launcher while flying the car

Junior Agent
Complete Story Mode as an Agent

Keep it Slow
Defeat 30 enemies while they're under the effect of Cerebro Accelerator

Pest Control
Defeat 700 enemies

What Goes Up…
Use the Anti-Gravity grenade on 30 enemies

100 Enemies - Adorian Crossbow
Defeat 100 enemies with the Adorian Crossbow

200 Enemies - The BANGer
Defeat 200 enemies with the BANGer

250 Enemies - Tribarrel
Defeat 250 enemies with the Tribarrel

50 Enemies - Std. Issue 1995
Defeat 50 enemies with the Std. Issue 1995

60 Enemies - Noisy Cricket
Defeat 60 enemies with the Noisy Cricket

Brute Force
Achieve a 25x multiplier in a Story Mode

Achieve at least 300,000 points in one V.R. Mission

Dodge and Weave
Dodge the mines placed by Nethera in Story Mode

Complete all the Competitive maps in V.R. Missions

Enjoy the Ride
Start playing in Story Mode

Flying Car? Where?
Don't be detected while flying the car

Group Off
Destroy 3 enemy platforms in Story Mode

Scan 2 hidden aliens in Story Mode

High Score
Successfully finish the Virtual Reality training program in Story Mode

Use the Refracto Shield to reflect 100 enemy projectiles

Kicking and Screaming
Escape Serleena’s drag attack

Own the Road
Defeat 70 bikers in Story Mode

Party Crasher
Crash Chauncey’s party in Story Mode

Road Hog
Defeat 40 bikers in Story Mode

Shattered Expectations
Freeze 30 enemies with the Icer

Smile for the Camera!
Neuralize 7 humans in Story Mode

Superior Fighter
Achieve at least 150,000 points in one V.R. Mission

Achieve at least 200,000 points in one V.R. Mission

The Spice of Life
Defeat enemies using 10 different combos

This Won't Take Long
Defeat Nakkadan Elite Guard in Story Mode

Ugly on the Inside
Defeat Adorian Elite Guard in Story Mode